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Landsbankinn Discussion

  • Q: I am a spanish citizen and would like to know if I am applicable to open a deposit account and if so, the proceedings to follow. Thanks.

    Reply Antoni from Spain
  • Q: Hello i'm spanish and i live in Spain. How can i do to open a bank account in Iceland. Thank you

    Reply Jabier from Saint-Paul-les-Dax, France

Landsbankinn Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: Can a non-resident/non-citizen have a fixed rate deposit account? Can it be held in US dollars? Is it federally insured?

    Reply Barbara from Olympia, United States
  • Landsbankinn 6 Month Fixed Rate Account - Deposits
    Q: Would deposit accepted with foreign currency. ie AUD $ or US$. I hold Australian passport and work in UAE. Best regards Nabih

    Reply Nabih from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Landsbankinn 5 Year Fixed Rate Account - Deposits
    Q: I want to reach your bank about my account in the Philippine but I'm currently migrate now in Alaska USA . Do you have any contact number or email address that i can contact with my account ?, I hope you can help me with my query

    Reply Fatty Joy from Anchorage, United States
  • Landsbankinn 5 Year Fixed Rate Account - Deposits
    Q: hi. what is the situation with investing an amount from the uk? and is that likely to e affected by brexit?

    Reply Ian Aspinall from Spain