Iceland Deposits


  • Q: Can a non resident open a deposit account? Are benefits taxed? how would we apply?

    Reply trevor from Knaresborough, United Kingdom
  • Q: I am a 62yo American getting a lump sum settlement from disability I am looking to invest where I can live off interest some of the interest. I would be willing to become an expat to accomplish this. I doubt any interest disbursements would prove to be a major taxable development under US tax laws. Would they be taxable in Iceland? Thank you for your assist. JLee

    Reply Jaimie Lee from United States
  • Q: Can a non resident contract a deposit account? Are benefits taxed? what s the best way to contract the product?

    Reply antoni from Spain
  • Q: 1. Can nonresident hold bank deposit bank account in Iceland ? 2. Is there a tax on interested earned on deposit accounts in Iceland ? 3. Are there any specific conditions applied to a nonresident account in Iceland ?

    Reply Charles from Dublin, Ireland